Virtual event of the AFTER project

Meeting agenda

Save the date: May, 25 2021 09:00 – 12:00 (CET) via zoom.

With this event we would like to foster the dialogue between you and AFTER scientists and to assess how the new set of climate projections could be used in different applications and decisions.

Our workshop will be structured as follows:

• Presentations of the initial results of the project, in particular climate information for the region of Central Asia and estimates of possible impact of climate change on crop production;

• Investigation of new possibilities of application in practice;

• Ways forward, e.g. networking and possible cooperation.

Please contact us here if you are interested in this event, so we can provide you the meeting link.

Other meetings


Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, multiple events were organized virtually.


14 - 18 of October: Oral presentation with introduction of AFTER in climate services session at ICRC-CORDEX conference, Beijing, China

18-19 of June: AFTER Annual Meeting and Project meeting with stakeholders, Hamburg, Germany.

7-14 of April: Oral presentation with first model results over the CAS-CORDEX domain at EGU 2019 conference, Vienna, Austria.


17-19 of October: Poster presentation about the goals of the AFTER project on Climateurope Festival 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia.

29-30 of June: Kick-off meeting with project partners Ghent, Belgium