AFTER project

The ongoing climate change has widespread and consequential impacts all over the world including increasing frequency and intensity of extreme climate and weather events. Despite positive impacts in some regions of Europe, Russia and Turkey, future warming will create multiple risks for natural and economic systems, in particular for agriculture and forestry sectors. Decision-makers and stakeholders are interested in a comprehensive, scientifically based assessment of the consequences of observed and future climate change, therefore the main goal of the AFTER project is impact assessment of climate changes and climate extremes on agriculture and forestry in the Europe-Russia-Turkey Region.

To achieve this goal, AFTER will use and foster research cooperation between Russia, European Union and Turkey. The Consortium represents the top class research institutes Scientific Foundation Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (Russia); Ghent University (Belgium), Climate Service Center Germany (Germany); Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre (Latvia); VITO (Belgium) and Iskenderun Technical University (Turkey).

The AFTER project started in June 2018 and will last until 2021.

The project is granted by the ERA.Net RUS Plus Initiative, ID 166.

Overall objective

AFTER aims at bridging the usability gap between state-of-the-art regional climate information and the demand for information at regional scale for climate change impact assessment and adaptation. The main objective of AFTER is to provide state-of-the-art climate information to assess: (i) impact of ongoing and projected global climate change and subsequent changes in climate extremes on the agriculture and forestry in selected regions of Europe, Russia and Turkey; and (ii) the level of contribution, which these changes in agriculture and forestry can provide to climate change mitigation and adaptation due to existing feedbacks.


Kickoff meeting in Ghent, June 2018

Aerial Pine Trees

Specific objectives

1. To analyse current and projected future climate changes (including global warming of 1.5°C, 2°C and 3°C and different RCPs scenarios in specific relevant climatic indicators and extreme climate/weather events over Europe-Russia-Turkey region.

2. To assess observed and projected impacts of global climate change and changes in climate extremes on the agriculture and forestry in the Europe-Russia-Turkey region with special focus on European Russia and Siberia.

3. To interact with stakeholders in order to assess how advancements in agriculture and forestry sectors due to changes in global climate and climate extremes would contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

To meet these project objectives, AFTER is divided into 4 work packages (WP).

WP1: Climate scenarios for the Europe-Russia-Turkey Region;
WP2: Observed and projected changes in climate and extreme events in biologically  meaningful climate
WP3: Projected and observed impacts of climate change and climate extremes on the agriculture and forestry in Europe-Russia-Turkey Region with special focus on European Russia and Siberia
WP4: Dissemination & stakeholder interaction